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At Focus Marketing + PR, we help our clients achieve their goals through a variety of marketing and PR strategies, but we have experienced some of our greatest successes by using internet marketing. Our blog focuses on how small-to-medium sized businesses can use internet marketing. We hope that you find our topics and discussions helpful. If there are any specific topics that you are dying to know more about, we would love to hear from you!

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Aligning Your Brand with a Charitable Cause

Many business owners we work with have a particular charitable cause that is near and dear to their heart. And being…

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How to Create an Effective Referral Program

Niki is a huge fan of using referral programs to bring in new customers. Referrals can be a very effective means…

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grassroots and guerrilla marketing

Guerilla and Grassroots Marketing

"Guerilla" and "grassroots" marketing sound appealingly, spontaneous, and they also sound like they might possibly be free. For these reasons, many…

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Favorite Super Bowl Ads

Sure, the game was exciting (or devastating, if you're a Falcons fan...), but you know that at least half of the…

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buying a website address domain name

Buying a Website Address for a Future Business

Why It's Important to Own Your Own Website Address First thing's first: Should you buy your own website address? ABSOLUTELY. When your…

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Facebook and Twitter Ads: Pros and Cons

As you've undoubtedly noticed, ads are popping up on all of your social media feeds these days. This has led several…

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facebook and twitter ads

Is Remarketing Right for Your Business?

Though the term might seem unfamiliar, we can almost guarantee that you have experienced "remarketing" in the past week. Say you…

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holiday season

Our Focus 5 for a Merry and Bright Holiday Season

This month, we are taking a departure from our typical Focus 5, full of useful marketing tips, and giving you our…

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Video Advertising: Your Next Marketing Opportunity

We talk a lot about the importance of creating an AdWords campaign as part of your marketing strategy. Video advertising (i.e.,…

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online store shopify denver marketing and pr

Why Choose Shopify for Your Online Store

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday - 'tis definitely the season for shopping. If you currently own or are planning…

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CO Gives Day – Support Night Lights For Kids

The holidays have arrived with a bang! (Even though for us in Colorado the warm weather can certainly make it seem…

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Twitter Increases Character Count

For those of you who use Twitter, you know that your posts need to be short and sweet - say what…

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